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New blog posts for pqfs and libhffwk releases.
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+Title: Patricia's Quest for Sun v1-0-20
+Tags: harmonic-flow-news, patricias-quest-for-sun
+Date: 2016-02-08 18:56:16
+Format: markdown
+### What's new in version 1.0.20:
+> * Compiled against **libhffwk v0.5.0**.
+> * Updated all project files due to libhffwk changes.
+> * Converted all source files from dos to unix utf8.
+> * Updates related to API name changes in libhffwk.
+Download the latest version
+[here](/patricias-quest-for-sun/download.php). Submit any bugs or
+thoughts [here](/contact.php).
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+Title: Harmonic Flow Framework v0-5-0
+Tags: harmonic-flow-news, harmonic-flow-framework, libhffwk
+Date: 2016-02-08 18:57:19
+Format: markdown
+### What's new in version 0.5.0:
+> * Documented all public classes, methods, enums, structs, typedefs
+etc that a Game will interact with. Documentation is done according to
+Doxygen standards. Documentation can be generated by running
+'**doxygen Doxyfile**' in the '**docs/**' folder. Documentation release
+packages can be generated by running
+'**./linux-gen-docs-release --version=X.X.X**' in '**build_scripts**' folder.
+> * Converted all source files from dos to unix utf8.
+> * Moved PakInterface stuff into HFCore namespace.
+> * Moved HFPak stuff into HFTools namespace.
+> * Moved base64 stuff into class with static methods.
+> * Moved Crypto stuff into class with static methods.
+> * Crypto: Added sha1/sha224/sha256/sha384/sha512 checksum support.
+> * Fixed memory leak in SDLHelper.
+> * HFDataTypes: **HF_RENDERER_DIRECT3D** is defined on Windows D3D.
+> * SoundPlayer: Added new enums, audio defines and also tweaked API.
+> * Moved HFFileHandle to HFDataTypes.h and changed name.
+> * Yearly copyright update.
+> * Updated README.SDL with doxygen packages needed.
+> * Added script for generating doxygen docs release. See
+'****' in '**build_scripts**' folder.
+### API changes:
+Renamed / moved enums, structs, typedefs, class methods and so on to keep
+it within HFCore namespace or within class space. This means old code
+could break here and there. It shouldn't be any major changes needed
+### Namespace thoughts:
+**HFCore** is the namespace where all engine core functionality will reside.
+**HFModule** is where all optional modules will reside. Currently the only
+module is '**tmxparser**'. Optional stuff outside of engine core will be
+placed here. Modules will not be compiled by default and needs to be
+enabled. '**tmxparser**' is enabled by setting pre-processor flag
+'**HF_MODULE_TMXPARSER**' and compiling the sources within
+'**modules/tmxparser**' folder. Build scripts supplied supports this
+automatically by just adding '**--enable-module-tmxparser**' for example
+('**./configure --help**' when using autotools directly for available
+Download the latest version
+[here](/harmonicflow-framework/download.php). Submit any bugs or
+thoughts [here](/contact.php).