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Blog about hffwk v0.8.0 release.
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+Title: Harmonic Flow Framework v0-8-0
+Tags: harmonic-flow-news, harmonic-flow-framework, libhffwk, Image-Atlas, Texture-packer, Texture-Atlas
+Date: 2018-08-29 14:04:03
+Format: markdown
+### What's new in version 0.8.0:
+Added new command-line tool **hftexpack**. hftexpack is a tool for
+packing textures into an ImageAtlas.
+> * Added new command line tool '**hftexpack**'.
+> * A new class '**ImageHelper**' has been added which acts as a
+ simple wrapper around '**stb_image**', '**stb_image_resize**' and
+ '**stb_image_write**'. Due to the new class ImageHelper the
+ following methods in Environment interface has been removed:
+ **loadImage** and **freeImage**.
+> * Added '**stb_image_resize.h**' v0.95 for image resizing.
+ ImageHelper acts as a wrapper around it.
+> * **HFImageAtlas** class added to load XML file generated by the new
+ tool 'hftexpack'.
+> * Removed **AtlasMaker** 3rd party java tool from 'additional_tools'
+ folder as it's no longer needed. It's replaced by new tool
+ '**hftexpack**' which is more flexible and packs textures better.
+> * Updated ImageAtlas documentation.
+### hftexpack info
+**hftexpack** is a new flexible command-line tool for packing textures
+into a **ImageAtlas**. It supports PNG RGB/RGBA images as input and
+outputs PNG RGBA + XML. The tool can be found in
+'**src/tools/hftexpack**' folder.
+See **hftexpack --help** for available options:
+hftexpack [OPTIONS...]
+hftexpack -i=data/characters,data/tiles -o=out/atlas -m -t -u -r -s=1024 -p=8
+hftexpack -i=data -e=data/tiles -o=out/atlas -d -s=1024 -rh=3
+hftexpack -if=input.txt -ef=exclude.txt -o=out/atlas -d -s=1024 -rh=1
+Only PNG (RGB/RGBA) textures are supported as input! It will only
+load PNG in supplied input directories.
+hftexpack Options:
+-d, --default Default options (-m -t -u -r)
+-i=#, --input=# Input files/directories comma separated.
+-if=#, --input-file=# Input file containing files/directories. Each entry needs to be on a new line.
+-e=#, --exclude=# Exclude files/directories comma separated.
+-ef=#, --exclude-file=# Exclude file containing files/directories. Each entry needs to be on a new line.
+-o=# --output=# Output file.
+-m, --premultiply Premultiply the pixels of the textures by their alpha channel.
+-t, --trim Trim excess transparency off the textures.
+-f, --force Force packer to re-pack (ignore stored hashes).
+-u, --unique Remove duplicate textures from the atlas.
+-r, --rotate Enable rotation of textures (90 degrees clockwise).
+-fs, --force-square Force Atlas POT Square size.
+-as, --adjust-size Adjust Atlas size automatically so that texture will fit.
+-af, --adjust-fit Adjust texture size so that it will fit given Atlas size.
+-ma=#, --max-atlases=# Max atlases that can be created (default is 64).
+-s=#, --size=# Max atlas size (POT). (# should be: 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024, 2048, 4096, 8192, 16384)
+-p=#, --pad=# Padding between textures. (# should be a value from 0 - 16)
+-rh=#, --rect-heuristic=# Specifies the different heuristic rules that can
+ be used when deciding where to place a new
+ rectangle. Valid numbers are (0 - 4):
+ 0 = Positions the rectangle against the short
+ side of a free rectangle into which it fits
+ the best. (RectBestShortSideFit) ** DEFAULT
+ 1 = Positions the rectangle against the long side
+ of a free rectangle into which it fits the
+ best. (RectBestLongSideFit)
+ 2 = Positions the rectangle into the smallest
+ free rect into which it fits.
+ (RectBestAreaFit)
+ 3 = Does the Tetris placement.
+ (RectBottomLeftRule)
+ 4 = Chooses the placement where the rectangle
+ touches other rects as much as possible.
+ (RectContactPointRule)
+-v, --verbose Verbose output of progress.
+Help Options:
+-h, --help Show help options
+-v, --version Print version information and exit
+### hftexpack examples
+Pack textures in folder **data** but exclude **data/fonts** folder and
+output in folder **out**:
+hftexpack -i=data -e=data/fonts -o=out/atlas
+Same as above but using a input text file instead:
+hftexpack -if=input/files.txt -ef=input/exclude.txt -o=out/atlas
+Use default options (-m -t -u -r), set atlas size and make sure that
+atlas size automatically increase to next power-of-two size if needed
+to fit texture original size. Also show verbose output of progress:
+hftexpack -i=data -e=data/fonts -o=out/atlas -d -s=2048 -as -v
+Same as above but instead making sure textures are resized if needed
+to fit given atlas size:
+hftexpack -i=data -e=data/fonts -o=out/atlas -d -s=512 -af -v
+Same as above but also force square output texture size, set padding
+between textures to 1 pixel, use another packing option and some
+additional include/exclude folders/files:
+hftexpack -i=data,data2,data3/file.png -e=data/fonts,data2/bgr.png -o=out/atlas -d -s=512 -af -fs -p=1 -rh=3 -v
+### Load ImageAtlas example C++
+In '**data/resources.xml**':
+&lt;?xml version="1.0" ?&gt;
+ &lt;Resources id="init"&gt;
+ &lt;ImageAtlas id="IMAGEATLAS_TEST" path="data/atlas/atlas.xml"/&gt;
+ &lt;/Resources&gt;
+In C++ source code:
+// parse resource file:
+bool result = HFCORE_RESMGR->parseResourceFile("data/resources.xml");
+// load resource group needed:
+// Get ImageAtlas from Resource file by it's name:
+HFCore::ImageAtlas *atlas =
+// Get Rect for image:
+HFCore::Rect atlasRect = atlas->getRect("cursor_default");
+// Get Atlas image image resides in:
+HFCore::Image *image = atlas->getImage("cursor_default");
+// Load ImageAtlas from given path:
+HFCore::ImageAtlas *atlas =
+ HFCORE_RESMGR->getImageAtlasFromPath("data/atlas/myatlas.xml");
+Download the latest version
+[here](/harmonicflow-framework/download.php). Submit any bugs or
+thoughts [here](/contact.php).