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* New hffwk v0.10.2 release.HEADmasterAndreas Widen2019-08-101-16/+16
* New hffwk v0.10.1 release.Andreas Widen2019-07-261-10/+10
* hffwk: Bump version and related.Andreas Widen2019-07-181-10/+10
* Bump version of hffwk to v0.9.0.Andreas Widen2018-11-261-10/+10
* Bump version info for hffwk v0.8.0.Andreas Widen2018-08-291-10/+10
* hffwk release 0.7.4.Andreas Widen2018-08-071-10/+10
* Bump version to 0.7.3.Andreas Widen2018-07-091-10/+10
* hffwk: Bump version to 0.7.2.Andreas Widen2018-03-221-10/+10
* libhffwk and pqfs new release updates.Andreas Widen2018-01-031-10/+10
* libhffwk and pqfs new release updates.Andreas Widen2017-08-151-10/+10
* Updates related to v0.6.0 of libhffwk.Andreas Widen2016-10-301-10/+10
* Updates related to new version of engine and pqfs.Andreas Widen2016-02-081-5/+27
* Updates related to new libhffwk and pqfs release.Andreas Widen2015-07-041-5/+5
* I think it's called rocket science.Andreas Widen2015-04-151-4/+4
* Updated version info and so forth.Andreas Widen2015-04-141-5/+5
* Updated header due to new releases.Andreas Widen2015-04-121-5/+5
* Updates relating to new versions of things : )Andreas Widen2015-01-211-5/+5
* Updated libhffwk download page due to new v0.3.0.Andreas Widen2014-11-201-5/+5
* Fixed minor formatting issue.Andreas Widen2014-11-141-4/+4
* Added SHA-1 and SHA-256 checksums.Andreas Widen2014-11-091-8/+15
* Updated download pages to point to new v1.0.15.Andreas Widen2014-10-241-1/+1
* Initial commit of repository files.Andreas Widen2014-10-221-0/+53